Vue.js WordPress
Theme Starter

A true WordPress theme with all of the the typical WordPress stuff removed and replace with a Vue single page application (SPA).

Features at a Glance

A true WordPress theme with the guts ripped out and replaced with Vue. Looking to create a Vue-powered WordPress plugin? I’ve got a starter for that too!

Who’s this for? When I started diving into using Vue in WordPress I found plenty of great starters for headless WordPress, but I had the added constraint of needing to run the front and backend on the same host, thus this project was created.

Need help? Join the VueWordPress Slack.


  • Tailwind is built in! If you don’t want Tailwindcss in your project you can easily disable it by removing the import statement in styles.css.
  • Hot reloading/browsersync for local development.
  • VueRouter integrated
  • Vuex integrated (with sample WordPress-centric modules)
  • Axios for API requests
  • Follows the development guidelines/structure set forth by Vuejs
  • Bare essentials needed for a functional WordPress theme
  • All requests are redirected back to the index.php so your Vue routing is respected.
  • PostCSS baby